We are happy to announce the release of a French book about Phalcon, written by Jérémy PASTOURET - @jenovateurs

French Book for Phalcon Released

2020 is the year when PHP will change versions. The latest and greatest will no longer be 7 but 8.

PHP 8 goodies

We are very happy to announce the release of Phalcon v4.0.3, a maintenance release.

To upgrade or not to upgrade. This is the question!

Phalcon v4 - Why Upgrade

New release! (same as the one before really)!

Phalcon v4.0.2 Released

We are very happy to announce the release of v4.0.1, our first release in 2020!.

Phalcon v4.0.1 released

Community hangout and releasing 4.0.1 all wrapped in one!

Community Hangout - 2020-01-11 - v4.0.1

Since we have been accepting financial contributions from our community, we would like to present a financial update, so as to showcase where those funds are used and why.

2019 Financial Update

From all of us at the Phalcon Team, may 2020 be filled with health and happiness for you and your loved ones!

Happy New Year 2020
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