Time for a new release and community hangout! v4.0.0.RC2 will be released tomorrow during our monthly hangout with the community! You might not want to miss it!

Another update on v4 and what we have been up to since our last blog post, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)

Back in April, we announced the April Bugfest competition, The rules were simple: fix bugs, we will send you a t-shirt!

A quick update on v4, PECL, docs and sample apps, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)

We missed the hangout - as expected at the end of each month, so we are having one this weekend. Join us on Saturday the 05th of October 2019, at 12:00:00 EST (16:00:00 UTC), to talk about our progress, address concerns and find solutions to common problems.

This is a guest post by krazzer presenting KikCMS, a CMS written in Phalcon and it is open source!

We are very happy to announce the release of v4.0.0 Release Candidate (RC) 1!.

We cannot thank your community enough! We said this before but it is worth repeating: our community is what drives this project forward and makes it better with every release!

Another update regarding Phalcon and v4, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)

A brief status update on the project and v4.

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