Phalcon v5.0.0 (and v5.0.1) Released!

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Phalcon v5.0.0 (and v5.0.1) Released!

A long journey has come to an end and looking forward to our new journey ahead. Phalcon v5.0.0 (and v5.0.1) has been released!

We started v5 at the end of May 2020. Two years and change later, ~2,663 commits and ~760 issues/cards on GitHub, we are happy to announce that v5.0.0 stable is available for our community.

The changes to the framework are too many to list in a single blog post. We have compiled a thorough upgrade document in our documentation website, that developers can use to upgrade their applications:

PS: We also made the search work for the docs AND it is version and language aware! /win

A huge thank you to all of the members of our community. Your comments, PRs and suggestions have helped us make this release a reality.

The best part was that we released yesterday v5.0.0, this morning a bug was discovered and we had to release v5.0.1. Thank you @levertr for reporting it!

Our full changelog for this release is located here:

The release is available in PECL and the IDE stubs have been generated. We will make the necessary upgrades to the supporting repositories (Vokuro, devtools etc.) this week.

Once again, huge thanks to our community!

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