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Some of you have asked us on how to help to make the project to be more popular. This post consolidates previously discussed points on how to make Phalcon more popular.


Help to make Phalcon more popular.

Increase visibility We love that you communicate with us via email, chat or internal messaging. However, if you do so, we may be very busy and thus your message might fall through the cracks. Despite the fact that our community is small, there is always someone willing to help. We would appreciate if you use StackOverflow with your queries. StackOverflow is a social network visited by thousands of developers every day, helping greatly to increase the visibility of the project. It also contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding Phalcon, resource which is invaluable for people that just got introduced to our project.Additionally you can post questions/concerns/feedback in our Google Group.

Evangelism Presenting Phalcon in every event about PHP, is something we would love to do but logistically is impossible. We are certain that many developers will benefit from hearing what Phalcon is all about and how it can help them. If you know of any PHP events and you wish to give a talk about the project, you have our full support. Who does not want to know a tool that helps him/her make his/her applications faster?

Share your experiences Since Phalcon is quite young, there could be few projects built with it out there. Feel free to share with the community, the ways that Phalcon was useful to you. Discuss what components needed extra work, what you could do easier, what benefits you got by using Phalcon. Although not everything can be implemented immediately, your input on new feature requests can greatly help us shape the future of the project. Your feedback helps us all.

If you like writing, remember that our blog is open to post tutorials created by you. If you have a blog of your own and have written something about Phalcon, we can publish also in our social network pages so as to achieve maximum visibility. If your blog post is in a language other than English, we want to share it and potentially translate it if possible.

Social Networks Phalcon is evolving on a daily basis, through our desire to make it better. However, not everything can be developed as fast as we would like, thus we rely on user feedback and our road map. Social networks are part of our lives now, and we all interact with others through them. Sharing your Phalcon experience with your social circles will greatly increase the visibility of the project. More and more people will engage in our community, thus making it more powerful, even more feature rich and popular. Like, +1, share posts that we constantly post on every social network, engage in discussions regarding those posts. People that will discover Phalcon through your interactions will thank you!

For websites that share links (even in languages other than English), you can help us by sharing our posts there.

Many people will not be initially convinced that Phalcon can really work. Some people will be happy with the framework they are using, so they will not be interested changing it. Some will be willing to change but a rewrite to their applications could be prohibitive. Others however might be looking for something like Phalcon or be ready for something different, something out of the box. No innovation has been massively accepted during its launch, so do not despair, over time you will be recognized as one of the pioneers of the new generation of PHP frameworks.

We have a presence in most of the popular social networks. By following us, you are helping increase the project visibility:

Feedback Phalcon is built for speed. This is part of the project’s identity. Developers most likely have already been exposed to other frameworks and have already favorite components that could potentially want to see in Phalcon. While we want to keep our own identity as a framework, we are always looking for ways to incorporate new functionality in the framework to aid developers. At times, we will not be able to accommodate certain requests, primarily because it will lead to a slower framework. However, every request/discussion is welcome.

No matter where you are coming from or how you found out about Phalcon, we want to hear your opinions and views. We want our community to be the one to decide how the project evolves, what needs to be changed, what needs to stay unchanged. At times, even by clicking the +1 or Like button will give us instant feedback that we are doing something right. Adding comments to our blog posts or social network postings also helps greatly.

Thank you! We would like to thank all of our contributors and members of the community for pushing us to make Phalcon the best framework of its kind. Your kind words and engagement is what drives us to do better. We hope to meet and exceed the trust you put in Phalcon.

Thanks for phlying with Phalcon!

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