Phalcon 0.4.0 is finally here

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We’ve been really busy this last month working on Phalcon 0.4.0, and for our pleasure is finally here! This release is giving much more satisfaction than ever before knowing that have been built with many suggestions and feedback from developers around all the globe.

Also, this final version is adding some highly requested features to Phalcon:

  • A better routing system allowing you to define custom routes different than /:controller/:action/:parameters [idea] [more info]
  • A component to help you creating multilingual applications [idea]
  • A final implementation of external template engines such as Mustache or Twig [idea] [more info]

This time, an alpha and beta version were released before this final version to be sure that most of changes will not affect things that already worked fine in the past.

Check out the previous articles to get a complete list of changes :)

Little by little, we try to make Phalcon increasingly competitive, but, if you think that Phalcon is missing something, remember that Github is enabled to receive ideas or suggestions you have, building together a new way to make the web even faster!

As always latest versions are available from the download page, we hope you’re as pleased with these improvements as we are!

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