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Our next release, 0.4.0, is almost ready to rock, but we need your help to get the finish line in the best shape possible. Although previous alpha only included improvements in code structure and overall speed, this version (0.4.0 beta) is introducing several new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Below is a comprehensive list of changes:

Internal Refactor:

  • Moved zval separation to phalcon_array_update_*
  • Moved zval separation to phalcon_array_append_*
  • Moved zval constructor to phalcon_array_update_*
  • Implemented functions to avoid use arrays of zvals parameters for static and method calls
  • Removed error reporting silence from the extension
  • Removed thousands of unnecessary referencing/deferencing vars when calling functions/methods
  • Moved multi-dimensional array updates to less complex functions
  • Moved access to static properties to a function that controls possible invalid access to nonexistent properties
  • Refactored Phalcon_Tag::select and Phalcon_Tag::selectStatic, now uses the same code in Phalcon_Tag_Select

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed possible segmentation fault when releasing memory of zval strings that has constant values
  • Fixed bug avoiding that auto-globals will jit-initialized inside Phalcon on some old versions of PHP
  • Fixed memory leaks in Phalcon_Cache and Phalcon_Transaction_Manager
  • Sometimes when Phalcon threw an internal exception or E_ERROR the memory stack was not properly cleaned producing an unstable state, this situation was fixed
  • Dispatcher exceptions now throws a 404 Not found status correctly
  • Fixed many bugs in Phalcon_Model_Query

New Features:

  • Added virtual foreign keys to Phalcon_Model (ORM) [More Info]
  • Implemented the possibility to serialize Phalcon_Model_Resultset objects
  • Implemented the possibility to access Phalcon_Model_Resultset as an array of objects
  • Added Phalcon_Cache_Backend_Apc, Phalcon_Cache_Backend_Memcache, Phalcon_Cache_Frontend_None and Phalcon_Cache_Frontend_Data [More Info]
  • Added Phalcon_Request::hasPost and Phalcon_Request::hasQuery
  • Added parameter “persistent” to Phalcon_Db allowing to create persistent connections
  • Added alphanum to Phalcon_Filter to filter strings allowing filter only alpha-numeric characters
  • Added Phalcon_Tag::checkField helper to create input[type="checkbox"] tags
  • Added Phalcon_View::getParams to recover extra parameters sent in the request
  • Phalcon_View was refactored to allow other templating engines like Mustache or Twig [More info]
  • Added Phalcon_Translate for multilingual translation messages based on adapters
  • Added calculation functions to Phalcon_Model: count, sum, average, minimum and maximum [more info]

We’re pushing out a beta of the 0.4.0 code. Here’s how you can help us out:

  • Downloading the beta version from the downloads page and testing it with your actual applications or prototypes
  • Running the unit-test suite in your own machine and send us feedback on the results. Find instructions on how doing that here
  • Giving us suggestions on the implementation of features before the definitive release

Although, the new version is passing all the 760 unit-tests on Travis-CI, there might be some odd bug pending to be fixed.

Let’s make this release the best yet.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support — it’s appreciated more than you know!

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