Update - Github Universe - RC (Live)

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A quick status update for a very busy week! Updates, Github Universe coming up and a live release this weekend coming!!



Work has been steady on v4. We only have 7 documents left to review and revise from our documentation!! Believe it or not, we rewrote pretty much everything and our documentation for v4 has 57,948 lines of text and 193,905 words! (yes we used wc for that).

We should be having a couple of them done within the next day or so and then it will be the final stretch to get everything completed


@Jeckerson is working solely on the DevTools, with the goal to have everything functional by the time v4 is released. There are of course things that are nice to have but those will be addressed after the release.

A much clearer path on what needs to be done for DevTools will come in the next week and will be available in the project’s GitHub.


We had a good number of bugs (or features) that have been discovered by the community. We have tried to resolve them as fast as possible so that the fixes are included in the next RC.

GitHub Universe!

GitHub Universe is GitHub’s main product conference of the year, held in San Francisco, CA. There are some very exciting changes and introductions of new products by GitHub and Phalcon is taking advantage of one of them!

The public announcement of the new functionality will be on Nov 13, 9:00 PST.

You can watch it live here:


RC Time!!

We are going to have another live release this Saturday. Join us on Friday 16th of September at 12:00 EST (16:00 UTC) on a live YouTube event to release Phalcon v4 RC 3

Thank you

Once again a huge thank you to all of our contributors! You guys have helped us a lot. You can help us even more by installing this version and testing it. If you find bugs, please report them in our Github Issues page. Alternatively you can always join us in our Discord server or our Forum.

Finally, don’t forget to star our project on GitHub and follow us on our social media:

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