Success story: Phalcon Main Site/Phosphorum

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Our main website and the forum are powered by Phalcon Framework, both are open sourced and published on Github, you can use them as example to create your own applications or if you want to see how real websites perform with Phalcon.

Looking at our web analytics, so far this year (1-Jan-2013/30-Abr-2013) we have served 67,566 visits, with 27,204 unique visitors (about 12,000 visits every month) having 232,819 pages served. In comparison, all the past year, despite just starting the project, we have served 100,136 visits (56,368 unique visitors).

Click here to see the full Google Analytics report of last year and here of this year

If you have success cases with Phalcon, let us know so we can review them and share them with the community on our blog.

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