Status Update: 2019-07-28

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A quick status update on the project and v4. Well, it is summer and most of us are engaged in various activities including holidays. The Phalcon team is no exception. Activities with the family, craziness at work, as well as much needed holidays slowed down our development process this month.


We have reviewed a lot of the documents but have not yet reached the middle point. Some members picked up some of our slack with reviewing or even issuing PRs to the docs repository (for v4) and of course we thank them for it. However there is still work to be done and we cannot release fully v4 without accurate and thorough documentation including an upgrade guide. The goal for the upgrade guide is also to produce use cases and maybe some videos.


Again work has slowed down for devtools for reasons we mentioned above. We will try to redouble our efforts to push this project across the finish line also.


Work is underway to clean up packagist and ensure that packages that are there are valid and correct. Thanks to the community members that are leading this effort.

v4 beta

There are a few cards that came in our project and we are dealing with them. Most of them are not bugs so that is a good thing. The Mongo driver hit a snag with one of the interfaces so we are looking of ways to work things out.

In short, the new Mongo driver offers a great way to return results utilizing Mongo’s `Unserializable` interface. The issue is though that we cannot declare that interface inside Phalcon because it will introduce the requirement for everyone (even those that don’t use Mongo) to load the mongo extension before Phalcon as we do with PSR and PDO. Therefore we are need to investigate the best way to get this functionality in Phalcon without restricting the framework with dependencies that not all will use.


Again due to workload, holidays etc. we will not be holding our monthly hangout this month. We will be back however at the end of August as far as hangouts are concerned.

Thank you

As always thank you to everyone in our community and supporters!

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