Status Update: 2019-07-12

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A quick status update for our community and supporters.

As you know, we have been working hard on Phalcon v4, fixing bugs, refactoring components. The goal was always to create the foundation so that we can move the framework forward in subsequent versions


Since our last hangout, we have been actively working on the documentation plus a number of cards that are still open for our project. From the existing 7 cards we have:

  • Serghei needs to add PSR as a dependency
  • 3 cards are related to MongoDB
  • NFR ReusableInterface
  • 2 are questions

As far as the MongoDB, there is already a pull request form tacxticx88 who has done a tremendous job in refactoring the Phalcon\Mvc\Collection component to work with the latest MongoDB driver. There are a few issues to resolve with that pull request but the bulk of the work is done.


As mentioned before in community discussions as well as our community hangouts, we will not make the same mistakes as before with regards to the documentation. In the past we joked that we want to become Laravel as far as our documentation is concerned. That means that our docs need to be thorough, precise, offering a lot of information and examples and have as few typos as possible.

This as you can imagine is a huge undertaking since some documents have not been touched or updated since version 2.0!

So far we have worked on several documents. The status of the effort can be tracked here:

As you can see several have been completed and some of those have been reviewed. We still have 58 documents to review and rewrite if necessary based on the functionality that exists or has been introduced.

New Version

We anticipate to release v4.beta.1 this weekend, since we are getting very close to a stable release. While we are working on the documents, releasing the beta version will give the community the chance to test it and potentially find any issues that we have missed.

We will also work on updating the sample applications, to use the v4 release. This will help even more with testing the release.

In the meantime, everyone is more than welcome to review the documents completed and offer any suggestions for clarity, typos etc.

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