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Amazing projects need amazing tools. We might not know you just yet, but we think you’d be a great fit for building a better web. Together, we’re ready to change the world!

Here at Phalcon, we’re building a new generation framework for PHP, we want to give you amazing performance, while help you develop with ease and fun.

We hope that you enjoy Phalcon as much as we do. Our doors are always open to receive your collaboration with the many things a project like this requires:

Documentation The repository of this website is available on github. Feel free to improve it, fix typos, add examples, add articles, etc. Also, if you can translate some of the content to another language, it will be very much appreciated!

Screencasts We all love screencasts, if you have some extra time and want to support the community with some nice videos teaching any framework’s feature, it’s very welcome. Check out our Vimeo Channel as a guide.

Testing No software is free of bugs, if you find out any, please do not hesitate to tell us. We have a testsuite with more than 8000 tests. However, unit-tests are never enough. Help us to improve our testsuite by adding more tests or improve the current ones. Every added test make the framework more stable and avoid introduce bugs by mistake or break something that is currently working. The overall stability of the frameworks highly depends on our tests.

Sample Applications Big examples help others to better understand how big things can be created with Phalcon, feel free to share repositories with sample applications helping others with their work, allow others to give you feedback about your work too!

Evangelism There are a lot of people that still don’t know that Phalcon exist or it really works. We are certain that many developers will benefit from hearing what Phalcon is all about and how it can help them. If you know of any PHP events/meetings and you wish to give a talk about the project, you have our full support. Who does not want to know about the tool that is going to revolutionize PHP development?

Share your experiences Don’t be shy, feel free to share with the community, the ways that Phalcon was useful to you. If Phalcon is a success case for you, let us share that with the community. Also, discuss what components needed extra work, what you could do easier, what benefits you got by using Phalcon. Although not everything can be implemented immediately, your input on new feature requests can greatly help us shape the future of the project. Your feedback helps us all.

Blog If you like writing, remember that our blog is open to tutorial submissions, created by you. If you have a blog of your own and have written something about Phalcon, we can publish also in our social network pages so as to achieve maximum visibility. If your blog post is in a language other than English, we want to share it and potentially translate it if possible. If you know about blogs related to PHP that are interested in present the project to their audience please let us know.

Social Networks Phalcon is evolving on a daily basis, through our desire to make it better. Social networks are part of our lives now, and we all interact with others through them. Sharing your Phalcon experience with your social circles will greatly increase the visibility of the project. More and more people will engage in our community, thus making it more powerful, even more feature rich and popular. Like, “+1”, share posts that we constantly post on every social network, engage in discussions regarding those posts. People that will discover Phalcon through your interactions will thank you!

We have a presence in most of the popular social networks. By following us, you are helping increase the project visibility:

Donations/Sponsoring We’re a tiny but effective core team of developers working our tails off, we try to spend as much time as possible to the project. All our passion for this project makes us want to be better every day. Phalcon is open-sourced software and volunteer efforts are needed for its constant evolution. You can help us keep the active development by donating to the project or sponsoring the development. More time and resources dedicated to the project means more activity, more improvement, better support, more amazing features, etc.

Contributing to Phalcon comes in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a user helping us find bugs, providing feedback on our forum, or contributing code or design, we need you.

Thank you! We would like to thank all of our contributors and members of the community for pushing us to make Phalcon the best framework. Your kind words and engagement is what drives us to do better. We hope to meet and exceed the trust you put in Phalcon.

Thanks for flying with Phalcon!

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