Sample Application: Vökuró // Authorization/Authentication/Security

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Vökuró, is our new sample application to showcase the features of Phalcon. We implemented several features related to authorization, authentication and security. Some of these features have recently been introduced in the framework. This sample application provides a basic frontend and a backend where users/profiles/security can be managed.

The following features are implemented:

  • Sign Up of Users
  • Confirmation by email
  • Login of Users
  • Login throttling
  • Registering of invalid logins
  • Registering of successful logins
  • Password hashing
  • “Remember me” option
  • Password recovery
  • Change password
  • Profile/Roles management
  • Permission management by profile
  • Templates for emails

Other features/examples:

  • Full namespaced application
  • Volt powered
  • Custom user components
  • Full use of the Forms builder and Validation components
  • Frontend/Backend without using a multi-module application

To run/test this sample application you will need Phalcon 1.1.0 beta 3 or higher. You can see an online version here.

You can clone the code from Github. We welcome all the improvements to this sample as pull requests. We hope this application serve as example and help to develop your own applications with Phalcon. Head on over to our forum if you have questions regarding the sample.


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