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We have started an evaluation of all of our github repositories as part of a cleanup process. Some of our repositories were experimental, just to see if things would work. Some are proofs of concept and some are working examples.

However, as our project moves on, it is very often that those experiments proved good or bad, and no longer serve a purpose. Additionally, example repositories tend to not move forward as the project does, and thus become obsolete, or have deprecated code. Our time and resources are very limited. No matter how much we try, we cannot devote time to maintain all the existing repositories and projects that we currently have. We prefer to concentrate on a smaller number of repositories that contain projects and example code, so that we can offer a much better service to our community. We strongly believe that this move will allow us to provide projects/repositories with a higher quality of code to our community.

As a result, we will be looking at all the repositories we have and add DEPRECATED in the project description. If you wish to keep a repository for your own purposes, please fork it and/or download it. Repositories marked as DEPRECATED will be completely removed on the 31st of August 2018.

We always appreciate the help of our community in our project. If you feel that a particular project should not be deprecated and can be updated (with your help) for all to use, by all means reach out to us on our discord server

The list of the projects that are marked as deprecated are:

  • ansible-role-ngrok
  • ansible-role-zephir
  • blog-tutorial
  • box
  • maker
  • panthea
  • phalcon-api-reference
  • phalcon-compose
  • php-site
  • skeleton
  • skeleton-single
  • try-phalcon

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