PoEdit 2.3 - Now with Volt support

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PoEdit 2.3 - Now with Volt support

Václav Slavík, the owner of Poedit has recently released version 2.3.

For those that do not know, Poedit is a very handy editor for translating content that is stored in po files.

Václav wrote in our forum:

I have released a new version of Poedit, the translation editor that is commonly used to handle gettext translations and in particular used to extract them from source code: https://poedit.net/news/poedit-2.3/

Up until now, extracting translations from Volt templates into PO files involved some fragile hacks (see e.g. here on the forum) that sometimes missed some strings and was somewhat hard to setup.

Poedit Pro already had a solution for the same problem with Twig templates for a couple of years. Starting with v2.3, it can do the same for Volt. All it took was realize how similar the two languages are… thanks @Zaszczyk for nudging me in the right direction!

Thank you to Václav for the integration!

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