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Phalcon Forum

Phalcon now has a discussion forum!

While there are plenty of choices on the Internet, when in need of installing discussion forum software, we decided to roll out our own, to showcase Phalcon and its features. We call this new forum software Phosphorum.

Phosphorum is lightweight and simple in its design, thus it does not implement many sophisticated features, Currently it supports

  • Registration using Github (via OAuth)
  • Create/Edit posts
  • Reply posts
  • Edit/Delete replies
  • Highlight of code snippets (php, sql, html, javascript, etc)
  • Conversion of URL links into HTML links
  • User profiles
  • User Timezones
  • User avatars via Gravatar
  • Email Notifications via AmazonSES

Phosphorum showcases some of the features that have been recently introduced in Phalcon, specifically in version 0.9.0.

You can find the source code on Github.

Phosphorum is open sourced and released under the New BSD License. Feel free to use it, adapt it, enhance it or contribute to it with your improvements.


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