Phalcon v5.7.0 Released

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Phalcon v5.7.0 Released

We are happy to announce that Phalcon v5.7.0 has been released!

This release fixes a new setting for, some changes and fixes to bugs.

A huge thanks to our community for helping out with bug fixing and more importantly bug reporting!



  • Changed Phalcon\Support\HelperFactory to use the internal mapper for better memory management #16571


  • New ini setting phalcon.form.strict_entity_property_check for Phalcon\Forms\Form to enable strict entity property checking. #16567


  • Fixed Phalcon\Mvc\Cli\Router to extend the Phalcon\Mvc\Cli\RouterInterface #16551
  • Fixed Phalcon\Filter\Validation\Validator\StringLength::validate() to correctly use the include parameter #16560
  • Fixed Phalcon\Db\Column::TYPE_BINARY and Phalcon\Db\Column::TYPE_TINYINTEGER to have unique values #16532
  • Fixed Phalcon\Forms\Form to bind only existing properties on entities, based on phalcon.form.strict_entity_property_check setting. #16567
  • Fixed Phalcon\Filter\Sanitize\BoolVal to correctly handle integers. #16582


Developers can upgrade using PECL

pecl install phalcon-5.7.0

To compile from source, follow our installation document

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