Phalcon v5.0.0RC1 Released!

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Phalcon v5.0.0RC1 Released!

We are happy to announce that Phalcon v5.0.0RC1 has been released!! A long journey is coming to an end! Today have released v5.0.0RC1. The new release enjoys some functionality, bug fixes and more importantly support for PHP 8.1.

Getting support for PHP 8.1 has not been an easy task but thanks to the efforts of @Jeckerson we can now use Phalcon with PHP 8.1.

We already started working to enable Phalcon to compile under PHP 8.2. In the meantime, other than some minor bugs that we might try to fix, our focus is on documentation and getting ready for the stable release!

As always, a huge thank you to our community for testing, reporting bugs, enhancing the framework in any way possible!

The changelog for this release (v5.0.0RC1) is as follows:


  • Changed Phalcon\Session\Bag::__construct() to accept a Phalcon\Session\Manager as the first parameter and name as the second one #15904
  • Changed Phalcon\Logger\Logger to no longer depend on PSR interfaces #15925
  • Changed Phalcon\Cache\Cache to no longer depend on PSR interfaces #15927
  • Changed Phalcon\Html\Link to no longer depend on PSR interfaces #15930


  • Fixed Phalcon\Html\Helper\Input\Numeric to produce correct elements #15896
  • Fixed Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\* to correctly store null values #15904


  • Added Phalcon\Encryption\Crypt::isValidDecryptLength($input) to allow checking for the length of the decryption string #15879
  • Added Phalcon\Di\InitializationAwareInterface to allow auto calling the initialize method when accessing service through DIC #15916
  • Added
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedIgbinary
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedJson
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedPhp
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisIgbinary
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisJson
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisMsgpack
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisNone
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisPhp to be used if adapter serialization is required #15904
  • Added
    • Phalcon\Logger\LoggerInterface
    • Phalcon\Logger\AbstractLogger to be used in the logger class but also the proxy-psr3 repo #15925
  • Added
    • Phalcon\Cache\CacheInterface
    • Phalcon\Cache\AbstractCache to be used in the cache class but also the proxy-psr16 repo #15927
  • Added
    • EvolvableLinkInterface.zep
    • Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\EvolvableLinkProviderInterface
    • Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\LinkInterface
    • Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\LinkProviderInterface
    • Phalcon\Html\Link\AbstractLink
    • Phalcon\Html\Link\AbstractLinkProvider to be used in the link class but also the proxy-psr13 repo #15930
  • Added Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Csv::toArray() and Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\NativeArray::toArray() to return the translation array back #15902


  • Removed Phalcon\Container\Container and moved its contents to the proxy-psr11 repo #15928
  • Removed Phalcon\Http\Message\* and Phalcon\Http\Server\* classes. This removes PSR from Phalcon. PSR-7 available in v6 #15929

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