Phalcon v4.0.0-rc1 released

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We are very happy to announce the release of v4.0.0 Release Candidate (RC) 1!.

We cannot thank your community enough! We said this before but it is worth repeating: our community is what drives this project forward and makes it better with every release!

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As we are getting closer to the stable version of v4, this release has addressed a good number of outstanding issues, but also bugs found during testing. We only have one actual issue to resolve for v4 and 33 documents to revise.

You can see the remaining cards for v4 in our project page.

Regarding the documents, you can check our progress in this issue:

In this version we are using Zephir 0.12.4 which offers a lot stricter type checks. As a result we have discovered a lot of interface to class misalignments and have fixed them.

We are also working to upgrade all of our sample applications to v4. Vokuro is nearly completed (minor enhancements remain such as code coverage) and work is already underway for phalcon-api.



  • Added optional boolean parameter to Phalcon\Http\Request::getURI() (as well as its interface) which indicates whether or not the method should return only the path without the query string


  • Changed Phalcon\Url::get to use implementation behind Phalcon\Helper\Str::reduceSlashes to reduce slashes #14331
  • Changed Phalcon\Http\Headers\set() to return self for a more fluent interface
  • Changed Phalcon\Assets\Manager, Phalcon\Cli\Router, Phalcon\Dispatcher\AbstractDispatcher, Phalcon\Html\Tag, Phalcon\Http\Cookie, Phalcon\Http\Request, Phalcon\Http\Response\Cookies, Phalcon\Mvc\Model, Phalcon\Mvc\Router, Phalcon\Security, Phalcon\Session\Manager to use Phalcon\Di\AbstractDiAware for container functionality #14351
  • Changed Phalcon\Security to allow session and request in the constructor #14351
  • Changed Phalcon\Session\Manager to allow router in the constructor #14351
  • Changed Phalcon\Flash\Direct to allow escaper in the constructor #14349
  • Changed Phalcon\Flash\Session to allow escaper in the constructor #14349
  • Changed Phalcon\Di\AbstractDIAware to Phalcon\Di\AbstractInjectionAware #14359
  • Changed Phalcon\Di\Service to use DI to initialize string based services when possible #14342
  • Changed Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Annotations to be able to handle patterns az prefixes #14259
  • Changed Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Group::routes to an array as default #14259
  • Changed Phalcon\Mvc\Model::assign changed order of parameters to $data, $whiteList, $dataColumnMap #14386
  • Changed Phalcon\Helper\Arr::arrayToObject to toObject #14389
  • Changed Phalcon\Events\EventsAwareInterface::getEventsManager and Phalcon\Di\Injectable::getEventsManager to return also null #14404
  • Changed Phalcon\Logger\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::add to now return this #14404
  • Changed Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface methods signature to return RouteInterface instead of void:
    • Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface::setDefaultAction
    • Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface::setDefaultAction
    • Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface::setDefaultController
    • Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface::setDefaultModule
    • Phalcon\Mvc\RouterInterface::setDefaults
  • Changed return types for following interfaces:
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Router\RouteInterface::setName from void to RouteInterface
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Router\RouteInterface::via from void to RouteInterface
    • Phalcon\Session\ManagerInterface::__get from void to var


  • Fixed Phalcon\Helper\Str::includes to return correct result #14301
  • Fixed Phalcon\Logger moved to correct namespace #14263
  • Fixed Phalcon\Session\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::read() to return ““(empty string) when Session/Adapter/*::get() returns null #14314
  • Fixed Phalcon\Cache\Exception to extend Phalcon\Exception
  • Fixed Phalcon\Cache\InvalidArgumentException to extend Phalcon\Exception
  • Fixed Phalcon\Collection\Exception to extend Phalcon\Exception
  • Fixed Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::initSerializer to throw exception if null === $this->serializerFactory && null === $this->serializer #14324
  • Fixed Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\Redis::getAdapter() to provide a persistent id for redis persistent connection #14334
  • Fixed Phalcon\Session\Adapter\Stream to not override configured save path #14265
  • Fixed Phalcon\Http\Response::setFileToSend to properly handle non-ASCII filenames #13919
  • Fixed Phalcon\Security::getSessionToken return value #14346
  • Fixed Phalcon\Flash\* interfaces for message() to return string/null #14349
  • Fixed Phalcon\Paginator\Adapter\AbstractAdapter throw exception if limit <= 0 #14303
  • Fixed Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Query\Builder Empty table alias in query #14366
  • Fixed Phalcon\Db\Adapter\PdoFactory to reference the correct interface #14381
  • Fixed Phalcon\Db\Dialect\Mysql Fixed missing schema in constraint for create table #14378
  • Fixed Phalcon\Mvc\Model::hasChanged() and getChangedFields() returning false values when castOnHydrate option is on. #14376
  • Fixed Phalcon\Mvc\Model::create() Using write connection to prevent replica lag #14256
  • Fixed return types for following methods to satisfy interface declaration:
    • Phalcon\Acl\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::setDefaultAction
    • Phalcon\Application\AbstractApplication::setEventsManager
    • Phalcon\Firewall\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::setAlwaysResolvingRole
    • Phalcon\Firewall\Adapter\AbstractAdapter::setEventsManager
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Router::handle
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\AbstractSerializer::getData
    • Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\AbstractSerializer::setData
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher::forward
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Model::setConnectionService
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Model::setReadConnectionService
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Model::setWriteConnectionService
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Query\Builder::setDI
    • Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Annotations::handle
    • Phalcon\Session\Bag::set
    • Phalcon\Session\Manager::remove
  • Fixed Phalcon\Di::remove() to remove service. #14396


  • Removed Phalcon\Plugin - duplicate of Phalcon\DI\Injectable #14359
  • Removed Phalcon\Mvc\Collection and all related references. 4.0 will not support mongo as it is being re-implemented to take advantage of the latest Mongo driver (see #13697) #14361
  • Removed Phalcon\Session\Manager::registerHandler - duplicate functionality #14381
  • Removed Phalcon\Html\Tag - duplicate functionality #14381
  • Removed void return type for all constructors #14401


The packages in are being updated (at the time of this post) and will be ready soon. You will need to use the mainline repository to install v4.0.0-rc1. You can also download the zip file, as well as DLLs for Windows, from our release page here.

You can also clone the repository and checkout the tag, and then run

zephir fullclean
zephir build

to install the new extension. Detailed installation instructions can be found in our documentation page.

Note: It might take a bit of time for the DEB and RPM packages to be built from when this blog post is published.

Thank you

Once again a huge thank you to all of our contributors! You guys have helped us a lot. You can help us even more by installing this version and testing it. If you find bugs, please report them in our Github Issues page. Alternatively you can always join us in our Discord server or our Forum.

Finally, don’t forget to star our project on GitHub and follow us on our social media:

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