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Greetings everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have recently registered a new domain ( to help the project as well as our community.

The purpose of the new domain is:

  • Help the community share Phalcon related URLs using a short, easy to remember link
  • Showcase the ease of use of creating a new Phalcon application.

Phalcon Link has been created using one single file, utilizing the \Phalcon\Mvc\Micro application (documentation).

Phalcon Link offers short URLs that are easy to remember and easy to share with social media. For instance:

There are many more links that we have set up. You can check the list of available short links here:

Of course if you have any ideas on adding new links to the list, feel free to issue a pull request. The repository is located here.

Another blog post will follow, discussing the implementation of the Phalcon Link site.

Funding and Store

We are pleased to announce that our funding campaign is moving along nicely. Our generous patrons have pledged so far $600+ which is definitely a step forward towards achieving our goals and offering a much better, faster and more robust framework by dedicating more time solely to the project.

If you wish to become a patron, you can always visit and pledge your support on a one time or recurring basis.

Goals for Q1

Work is underway to meet our goals for Q1.

We have already started refactoring all of our websites, using different implementation techniques to showcase the power of Phalcon.

Some might already have noticed the changes in the source code of our forum.

Also the main website is being refactored, using the \Phalcon\Mvc\Micro (application) and middleware. This is work in progress, and we will be updating you when we have finished it so that you can have a look and either adapt the implementation to your projects or get some ideas.

Finally, we have started working on the revamp of the documentation. Very soon a brand new introduction page will be published along with instructions on how to install Phalcon using source,, docker, vagrant etc.


A big thank you to our community as well as our generous supporters!

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<3 Phalcon Team

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