Phalcon Community Hangout

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Yesterday (2014-04-05) we had our first Phalcon community hangout. The main purpose of the hangout was to meet the community, discuss about what Phalcon is and what our future steps are, and hear news, concerns, success stories from the community itself.

We are excited to announce that the first Phalcon community hangout was a great success!

We had an awesome turnout from all around the world, with members of the community filling the hangout (10 concurrent users) and more viewing online, asking questions and interacting with the team.

We talked about where we are, where we came from and what the future steps are with Zephir and Phalcon 2.0. Contributions, bugs and NFRs were also topics in our discussion, as well as who are team and how Phalcon is funded.

More hangouts will be scheduled in the near future, hopefully making this a regular event for our community. We will also cater for members of the community that are not English speakers, by creating hangouts for Spanish speaking, Russian etc. The goal is to engage as many members as possible!

The love and trust you all have shown to our framework is what drives us to make it better, push performance, introduce more features and make Phalcon the best PHP framework there is.

For those that missed it, the video is below.

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