Phalcon 5.0.0beta2 Released

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Phalcon 5.0.0beta2 Released

Phalcon v5.0.0beta2 has been released, featuring bug fixes and a few additions!

This release has some additions in Phalcon\Support\Helper classes and several bug fixes that the community identified.

A huge thank you to all of our contributors and the community!!

The release tag can be found here: v5.0.0beta2.

We are getting very close to the stable release! A few more issues to be addressed and we are there! The project page that we keep the status of the work we have done and need to do can be found here.



  • Phalcon\Mvc\View\Engine\Volt\Compiler::functionCall() to check for container presence before checking the tag service #15842
  • Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault() to set assets and tag as shared services #15847
  • Phalcon\Forms\Element\AbstractElement::getLocalTagFactory() to return the tagFactory from itself, the form, the DI or a new instance #15847
  • Changed references to sha1 with hash("sha256", $data) to ensure that there are no collisions from the hashing algorithm #15844
  • Changed Phalcon\Support\Helper\Str\Camelize to accept a third boolean parameter indicating whether the result will have the first letter capitalized or not #15850


  • Added Phalcon\Support\Helper\Str\KebabCase, Phalcon\Support\Helper\Str\PascalCase and Phalcon\Support\Helper\Str\SnakeCase helpers #15850

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