Phalcon 4.0.0 Released!

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We are very happy to announce the release of Phalcon v4.0.0 Stable!.

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It has been a very long journey. We started over a year ago working on v4, putting forward a bold implementation that will act as the foundation of future Phalcon releases.

361 days ago we released our first alpha version (v4.0.0.alpha1) and since then we continued developing, adding new functionality, fixing design flaws, rewriting the codebase to take advantage of speed enhancements as well as stricter types for variables.

We are really happy that we finally got to the end of the road and can now release Phalcon v4.0.0 Stable


Our activity was:

  • 2,693 Commits
  • 60 contributors
  • 4,306,665 additions
  • 5,438,642 deletions

while for issues we had:

  • 88 additions
  • 218 changes
  • 158 fixed
  • 74 removals


  • PHP 7.2 minimum version
  • PHP 7.4 support
  • Removed unsupported code
  • PSR extension mandatory
  • PSR-7
  • PSR-11 (proxy)
  • PSR-13
  • PSR-16
  • PSR-17
  • Stricter Interfaces - Full alignment
  • Introduced Factories
  • Upgraded applications
    • Vokuro, Invo, REST API etc.
  • Rewrote all the documents
    • 201,505 words
    • 60,794 lines
  • And much more…

We will be producing more documentation as well as blog posts and videos, to showcase the new functionality.

You can find the upgrade guide here

You can also find the CHANGELOG here


The packages in are being updated (at the time of this post) and will be ready soon. You will need to use the stable repository to install v4.0.0. You can also download the zip file, as well as DLLs for Windows, from our release page here.

You can also clone the repository and checkout the tag, and then run

zephir fullclean
zephir build

to install the new extension. Detailed installation instructions can be found in our documentation page.

Note: It might take a bit of time for the DEB and RPM packages to be built from when this blog post is published. {: .alert .alert-info }

Thank you

Once again a huge thank you to all of our contributors! You guys have helped us a lot. If you find bugs, please report them in our Github Issues page. Alternatively you can always join us in our Discord server or our Forum.

Special thanks to the contributors for v4 (cphalcon repository)

  • Alexandru Busuioc
  • Alexandru (Sasha) Busuioc
  • Andrey Izman
  • Antonio José Cerezo Aranda
  • Balázs Németh
  • Björn Büttner
  • Boris Delev
  • Cameron Hall
  • Clément Hallet
  • cottton
  • cq-z
  • David Offerman
  • David Schissler
  • Dreamszhu
  • ekmst
  • Emilio Degiovanni
  • Fenikkusu
  • Gorka Guridi
  • hjx胡继续
  • Hristomir Kotzev
  • Ian Hu
  • Ihor Sychevskyi
  • Jayson
  • Jérémy PASTOURET
  • Joey
  • JShadowMan
  • Jurigag
  • Mai Vu
  • Mathias Døhl
  • Matt von Bargen
  • mbrostami
  • mia0x75
  • Micah Smith
  • Mohamad Rostami
  • Nathan Edwards
  • Olivier.Garbé
  • Pavel Starosek
  • Remi Collet
  • Roman Mitasov
  • shum0531
  • Sid Roberts
  • Stanimir Stoyanov
  • Stanislav Kiryukhin
  • Stefan Crnjaković
  • Stephen Holdaway
  • Susanth K
  • Wang
  • Wojciech Ślawski
  • Zamrony P. Juhara
  • zcq
  • zhangruiming
  • zsilbi
  • Влад Пасечник
  • 兰林
  • 序歌
  • 李铭昕

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