Phalcon 2.0.1 released

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Today we’re releasing Phalcon 2.0.1, this version fixes bugs and adds new features in the 2.0 series, the following is the CHANGELOG:

  • Fixed random segfaults in installations using PHP <= 5.5 caused by inline caches
  • Added missing Phalcon\Debug::listenLowSeverity
  • Added new theme in Phalcon\Debug
  • Allow to count and iterate Phalcon\Session\Bag as in 1.3.x
  • Renamed getEventsManager to getInternalEventsManager in Phalcon\Di to avoid collision with existing services
  • Added constants FILTER_* to Phalcon\Filter for filters names
  • Fixed multibyte characters in cssmin/jsmin filters
  • Added Phalcon\Security::destroyToken() to remove current token key and value from session
  • Restored alternative hash algorithms in Phalcon\Security that were available in 1.3.x
  • Fixed bug that makes instances returned in Model::findFirst to be not completely initialized
  • Added support for general SELECT ALL/SELECT DISTINCT in PHQL
  • Added support for “not in” test in Volt
  • Phalcon\Debug\Dump – Renamed method var() to variable() – Renamed method vars() to variables()
  • Phalcon\Mvc\Model::findFirst() now allows hydration 10259
  • Fixed high memory consumption when serializing Cache\Backend\Memory.


This version can be installed from the master branch. If you don’t have Zephir installed follow these instructions:

git clone
cd cphalcon/ext
sudo ./install

The standard installation method also works:

git clone
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install

If you have Zephir installed:

git clone
cd cphalcon
zephir build

Note that running the installation script will replace any version of Phalcon installed before.

Windows DLLs are available in the download page.

See the upgrading guide for more information about upgrading to Phalcon 2.0.x from 1.3.x.

Thanks to all the collaborators and the community!

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