Phalcon 1.2.5 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Phalcon 1.2.5, the latest stable version of framework.

1.2.5 includes mostly bug fixes:

  • Http\Cookie::__toString() will not throw exceptions (1427)
  • `Phalcon\Http\Cookie::__toString() will return a string value (1428)
  • Camelize does not ignore the last character of a string anymore (1436)
  • APC tests do not run under CLI when apc.enable_cli is 0
  • Phalcon\Debug::uri now supports both http and https (987)
  • Fixed inconsistency in Tag::stylesheetLink/javascriptInclude w.r.t. local URLs (1486)
  • Fixed bug in Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk::read() (1348, 1612)
  • Phalcon\Flash\Session::getMessages() incorrectly removed all messages (1575)
  • Fixed bug in phalcon_fix_path() (1601)
  • Added Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Row::toArray() method (1506)
  • Added support for POINT type in MySQL (1536)
  • Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Validator::getOption() returns NULL if the option does not exist (1530)
  • Fixed parsing of annotations containing / (1480)
  • Make sure that ‘persistent’ is resolved only when accessed for the first time (1637)
  • Fix Phalcon\Session\Bag::remove() (1637)
  • Bug fixes in beanstalkd protocol implementation
  • Phalcon\Paginator\Adapter\Model returns correct results even when page number is incorrect (1654)
  • Bug fix: no arguments were passed to beforeMatch handler in Phalcon\Mvc\Router (1556)
  • Phalcon\Logger\Adapter::setLogLevel() is honored by transactions (1716)
  • Bug fixes in Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo::describeColumns() (1562)
  • Phalcon\Session\Adapter::__destruct() now calls session_write_close() (1624)
  • Volt: fixed bug in email_filed() (1723)
  • Fixed PHP Notices in Phalcon\Debug::onUncaughtException() (1683)
  • Phalcon\Logger\Adapter::commit() clears the queue (1748)
  • Constant-time string comparison in Phalcon\Security::checkHash() (1755)
  • Fix phalcon_escape_multi() to generate valid UTF-8 (1681)

Phalcon 1.2.5 is now available on the master branch and DLLs are available for download in our download area. You can also access the latest documentation here.


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