Phalcon 1.2.4 Released

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In addition to 2.0, the Phalcon Team is also focused on 1.3, a new version that will include new features, important improvements in the overall memory usage and new components like Phalcon\Image.

Today, we are announcing the release of Phalcon 1.2.4, a maintenance release including several bug fixes, performance improvements and stability fixes available in the 1.3.0 branch.

This version does not include any new features. The complete CHANGELOG​ is ​here.

Help with Testing

Please help us to test this version to ensure everything is OK before the final release. This version can be installed from the 1.2.4 branch:

git clone
cd build
git checkout 1.2.4
sudo ./install

Windows users can download a DLL from the download page.

We welcome your comments regarding this new release in Phosphorum. If you discover any bugs, please (if possible) create a failing test and submit a pull request, alongside with an issue on Github.


<3 Phalcon Team

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