Phalcon 1.2.0 Released

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This new release of the Phalcon framework, contains several new features (mostly requested by the community), bug fixes and various performance improvements. The main changes are highlighted in the beta article. You can see the CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.

A summary of the new features introduced follows:

  • Dynamic compile path in Volt
  • Volt extensions
  • Phalcon\Mvc\Url static/dynamic paths
  • Phalcon\Mvc\View\Simple
  • Improved support for JSON
  • Support for Many-To-Many in the ORM
  • Cascade/Restrict actions in Virtual Foreign Keys
  • Assets Minification (Jsmin/CssMin)
  • Disallow literals in PHQL
  • Own Scope for Partials
  • Use Phalcon\Tag as Service
  • Macros in Volt
  • Debug Component
  • Nested transactions in Phalcon\Db
  • Support for XCache/Igbinary in Cache/Annotations/ORM-MetaData
  • Support for PHP 5.5
  • Profiled Guided Optimizations

Phalcon 1.2 is now available on the master branch and DLLs are available for download in our download area. You can also access the latest documentation here.

Motto For the longest time, we have been recognized as the fastest PHP framework, and we are always try to push the envelope, make Phalcon even faster with every release. However, our work has not only been focused in lowering the processing time, squeezing more requests per second on existing hardware while keeping memory usage low. We also wanted to make Phalcon feature rich, introducing built-in caches, autoloaders, NoSQL databases and much more! All this work allowed us to have one of the fastest frameworks (if not the fastest one) in the open source world for PHP, while offering a wealth of features for developers to use. Despite the number of features that Phalcon offers, which could very well slow a framework, we are still in the top positions (if not first) in the various performance tests in which we participated in.

Moving forward, we have decided to change the framework’s main motto to: “The best balance of speed and functionality”, because it reflects more accurately what Phalcon really is. While working on performance, we are continually adding functionality to give you everything you need to create amazing applications. This allowed us to gradually become a very robust framework.

Our real goal is balance. Maintaining a good balance between speed, features and ease of use. This is our ambitious goal from now on, to keep a good balance and not only being the fastest PHP framework.

New Image We’ve been working the last few weeks redesigning the Phalcon image with a brand-new fresh design. It’s now available on our websites and documentation. We hope you like it!

Thanks! We want to thank all the contributors, developers who voted for new features and provided feedback for them to be built. All those who have helped to test and are constantly helping to release more stable and better releases.

To those that improve the documentation and fix typos and errors.

Thanks also to those who help spread the framework and who share success stories with the community.

Thank you all!

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