Phalcon 1.1 released!

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After a series of beta releases, Phalcon 1.1 is finally released!

This release adds new functionality, fixes bugs, improves of the current components, improves performance and more! We’re constantly searching for the best balance between performance and functionality, building a robust framework that performs exceptionally well!

Main features in this release were highlighted in the beta article.

Summary of key features below:

Thanks to all the community (enthusiasts/contributors/testers) for their amazing, continuous work, providing feedback about new features and improvements, reporting of bugs, improvements to documentation, etc!

You guys rock!

This time we also want to give thanks to our donors. Thank you for helping us maintain a very active development! Special thanks to NetBear Software for its continued support to the project.

1.1.0 includes other minor changes, bug fixes and stability improvements. You can see the complete CHANGELOG here.

If you have any questions about functionality, feel free to ask either in our Forum or Stack Overflow.

As always, a big thank you!

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