Phalcon 1.0 released!!

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Phalcon 1.0

Friends around the world, we’re very proud and excited to announce that Phalcon 1.0 is ready for you!

After more than one year of hard work and several releases, we are happy to bring you the most stable and complete version of Phalcon.

We would like to extend our thanks to all in the community, contributors and enthusiasts that have been helping us materialize our dream, a new approach in PHP frameworks: creating a robust tool for building web applications while keeping the performance to a maximum.

Main features introduced in this release were highlighted in the beta article.

1.0.0 also includes other minor changes, bug fixes and stability improvements. You can see the complete CHANGELOG here.

If you have any questions about functionality, feel free to ask either in our Forum or Stack Overflow

The Highlights

To this day, the main features that Phalcon offers are:

And much more!

Looking forward

There’s still more to be done, and although we have come a long way with very few resources, we would love to spend more resources (particularly our time) in improving the framework and the whole ecosystem around it (documentation, tools, support, etc).

Phalcon is an open-source project of driven by voluntary effort. We have dedicated a great amount of our time to bring Phalcon to where it is now and we are really satisfied and excited with the result!

We are also looking for companies/organizations/individuals who would be interested in supporting the project financially, by sponsoring the development and maintenance. This can be done on an ongoing donations schedule, so we the core developers and main contributors can devote more time and resources to the project. Due to this we have introduced donate links to our website. If you are interested in sponsoring us you can use the donate links on our site or contact us directly at [email protected] for more information.

Finally we will be setting up consulting services offered to the community on a paid basis, so as to offset some of our costs.


Finally we want to say a huge thanks to the community, testers, contributors, evangelists and enthusiasts for their continuing support and help on the project.

If you have not tried Phalcon yet, we invite you to try it now!

Enjoy & Have fun!

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<3 Phalcon Team

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