Phalcon 0.4.1: MySQLi, Cache + Models and more

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We built Phalcon because we wanted a faster and better way to create web applications with PHP. Now we can’t imagine working without it. This time we’re releasing the first update to the 0.4.x branch. Phalcon 0.4.1 comes with interesting features described as follows:

  • Models integration with Cache: Now it’s easier to cache result-sets generated by Phalcon\Model with Phalcon\Cache. That component now provides a fancy syntax to cache results making your applications even faster. [more info]
  • Binding Parameters: Security is never too much. We added binding parameters to both Phalcon\Db and Phalcon\Model reducing the possibility to be attacked using SQL injections.
  • MySQLi: The MySQL adapter has been migrated to do not use the obsolete mysql driver anymore in favor of the mysqli extension.
  • Picking Views: Added a way to pick views overrating the default behavior of always show the view related to the last controller/action. [more info]
  • Shortened Syntax for Routes: An alternative syntax is now available to define advanced routes. [more info]
  • Universal Class Loader: Added improvements to the Universal Auto-loader aka Phalcon\Loader component. [more info]
  • Caching Tables Meta-Data: Phalcon\Model dumps the attributes of each table used in order to generate dynamically SQL, validate constraints, etc. Once the application is in a production stage, it is not necessary to query the metadata of the table from the database system each time you use the table. Phalcon now supports caching in the meta-data layer. [more info]

Check out the full CHANGELOG for this version.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to send us recommendations and ideas. Enjoy!

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