Phalcon 0.3.3 released

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We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of Phalcon 0.3.3. The last version 0.3.2 was a bugfix/maintenance release.

This is a short list of changes that can be expected in this version:


  • Added Phalcon\Tag::setDefault as an alias for Phalcon\Tag::displayTo
  • Added Phalcon\View::setVar as an alias for Phalcon\View::setParamToView
  • Added Phalcon\ACL management with in-memory lists More Info
  • Fixed segfaults on methods with array optional parameters
  • Fixed segfaults on some internal isset
  • Added built-in model attributes validators for Phalcon\Model More Info
  • Added missing Phalcon\Tag::passwordField 2


  • Fixed separation of super globals by mistake causing segmentation faults
  • Support for compilation on Visual C++ 6.0
  • Fixed segmentation faults when required parameters are not given for most methods

Our newest release is our most stable and feature-rich release yet.

A huge thanks to all involved in terms of both contributions through ideas, tickets, documentation, and those whom have otherwise contributed to the framework. :)

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