Moving towards Phalcon 1.2: Help us to prioritize our roadmap

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We are constantly trying to enhance Phalcon, to make it a better framework using a completely new approach towards PHP frameworks. We are continuously adding new features and keeping the core stable and increasing performance as much as possible.

Looking into future development, we would love to create a roadmap together and be clear as to what work is more important to the community so that we can all create awesome and fast applications.

For this reason, kindly visit our Github issues page and help us prioritize those issues marked with the label [NFR] or [New Feature Request]

Comment with a “+1” in those which you think are more important than others, or leave your comments and feedback if you think they need considerations to be taken into account. If you think that a feature is not listed and it would be also useful, you can add it to the list by following our NFR guide.

A big - thank you for your time and participation making Phalcon even better!

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