Moving towards Phalcon 1.0

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As we gradually get closer to Phalcon 1.0, we have introduced in each version more and more features, stabilizing the framework consistently without losing performance. Many of you have provided feedback and requested new features that have been implemented in each release or are soon to be implemented. Once again, a big thank you for your time and participation.

We are close to completing one year of building a PHP framework which follows a totally different perspective, taking on the challenges of innovation and the search for new and better ways of working and achieving our goals.

We understand there are many features suggested would add value to the framework, so we are now prioritizing which may be more useful and necessary in order to build a wide range of applications while fulfilling the needs of our community.

The features that we are currently focusing on are:

We would like you to join the Google group and give us your opinion so as to release these features in the best possible way.

Thanks in advance!

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