INVO: A sample application

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Invo Application

INVO is a sample application completely written with Phalcon. It will give you a closer insight into application development with this framework. Although, it’s quite functional, have some flaws we expect to complement at the future (at this time does not produce invoices, for example).

Its user interface is written using the amazing Bootstrap from Twitter. A code generator for this framework is also available for the Phalcon Developer Tools.

Thanks to bootstrap the application is fully responsive. Screens are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices to provide a consistent experience, no matter what.

With INVO you can learn about:

  • Define a web site project structure with Phalcon
  • Create a basic web site layout
  • Create a “contact us” section
  • Implement a simple sign-up for the service with its related validations
  • Create a login form using email/username/password combinations
  • CRUD to manage companies, product types and products
  • Simple module protection, separating admin area from public area
  • Customize the framework behavior to perform better with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Implement dynamic navigation bars based on auth information

The application code has been shared on github. You can clone it and try on your machine right now. Additionally, you can try it right now at this link.

We expect to incrementally add inline comments to explain better how the application works.

Feel free to use any part of the code in your applications. Send us your comments if you find an error or have any feedback.

Hopefully now, you feel more confident creating your own Phalcon applications :)

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