Integrating Phalcon with PhpStorm IDE

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Phalcon PHPStorm Integration

Being a full time developer you need a powerful tool to help you creating amazing web sites and applications. PhpStorm is an amazing IDE for PHP that has become very popular among developers lately.

This screencast will cover the major integration points needed to have an enjoyable experience. The first point is the Phalcon Developer Tools integration, it’s easy to run commands from the IDE and work on the results immediately.

Another important and useful feature is the code completion. You could import reflection definitions into your project and suggestions as you type. If you forgot some class or method, no problem, the IDE will remind you.

This integration requires the latest version of Phalcon DevTools, PhpStorm is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Happy developing!

PS: Brought to you thanks to an idea of [mailopl]

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