Happy new year and What's coming

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Phalcon was released more or less 2 years ago and a lot of good things have happened. Our community is growing every day, many developers are excited to see what Phalcon will bring us in this new year.

A great effort was made by the contributors last year to get here. To all of you thank you very much!

As always, bring up an open-source project represents many challenges, work and dedication. Hopefully, our plans for this year are:

  • Phalcon 2.0: Our next big release is the result of several months of work by the Phalcon Team and contributors, we still need to stabilize and fix some major bugs before releasing a beta version. The new code base is now written in a new high level language called Zephir which is friendlier and opens a new world of possibilities for Phalcon and PHP users.
  • Documentation: Many new features were added to Phalcon in version 1.3. (See CHANGELOG). Many of these need to be addressed in the documentation to be exploited better by the community. We invite you join the documentation teams helping out with examples and explanations and thereby helping to release this version as soon and better as possible.
  • Developer Tools: Some community members are working in a better devtools version including a plugin-based architecture and a more customizable scaffold subsystem. We hope to release this soon.

We invite you to join our team of contributors and make Phalcon a better framework every day!

Happy new year!

We wish a happy new year to all Phalcon users and the whole PHP community. The Phalcon Team extend their warmest wishes to you all, and we hope this year will bring you many new projects, challenges and successes with PHP and Phalcon.

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