Happy 10th Birthday Phalcon!

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Happy 10th Birthday Phalcon!

Happy Birthday Phalcon! 10 years old and going strong!

It all started with this commit:


and the rest is history as they say.

Admittedly, this post should have been published two days ago but I neglected to click “post”, so in reality Phalcon is 10 years old and 2 days at the time of this posting.

It has been a rough journey at times but mostly filled with joy and support from our wonderful community.

At the beginning, adoption was really slow - people just did not want to try something new and revolutionary. The ones that did realized the value of our framework and became Phalconeers for life. The speed boost in the PHP 5.x days was something that set Phalcon apart from any other framework.

As time went by and PHP 7 came up, we dropped the ball, offering support for PHP 7 more than 6 months after PHP 7 was released. That hurt the framework for sure, but with new members joining the core team and with changing our devops, we managed to overcome this hurdle and push forward.

With the upcoming version 5, we are going to realize our goals on setting a solid foundation on which the next versions will be built on.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of our contributors and supporters. You guys are what makes us push forward all the time!!

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<3 Phalcon Team

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