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It has been a while since we last posted an update regarding Phalcon. We apologize for this. As you all know this is an open source project and all of us in the community contribute using our free time and enthusiasm for the project. However sometimes, other tasks need more immediate attention such as work and family.


Due to the team’s increased workload (family/work), we reached out to a C developer that can help us with some Zephir and Phalcon related bugs. We are working on compensation at the moment as well as the priority of bugs that need to be squashed so that we can move the project forward. We are going to use the funds that all of our supporters have graciously donated to the project in OpenCollective. We are very careful about those funds and only use them when needed, so we have decided that this would be a great way to help the project.

Github issues

Again, related to the workload, we have a number of Github issues that have been opened and are stale. Some of those issues have been open for months and are no longer valid because either they have been fixed but never updated and some have never been followed up (requesting information/examples).

In an effort to clean up our issue list as well as be able to focus on valid issues, we have installed the stale bot in Github, which will mark issues that have not been active for the last 90 days as stale. This process is automated.

This new bot will allow us to shorten the list of issues and focus in fixing and closing valid issues from the list.

NOTE: The bot is not part of any Artificial Intelligence code, so it is going to close issues that have been inactive the last 90 days. This could very well close valid issues that we have not had the time to address yet. If your issue has been automatically closed and it is valid, please help us by reopening it or creating a new one.

We would like to once more thank our contributors as well as sponsors for helping us make Phalcon awesome!

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