Funding Campaign Update

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Good morning everyone!

We would like to update you on our funding campaign. As most know, we started a funding campaign a few months back, in an effort to raise capital which will help us offer a better, faster and more feature rich framework to our community.

The funds would be used to hire specialists in C, sponsor bug fixes and features, cover expenses for potential conferences etc.

In order to increase transparency and so that everyone knows how much money we have, who the backers are and where we spent it, it was suggested that we switch our funding vendor to Open Collective.

Our Patreon campain therefore has been suspended, and replaced with Open Collective. You can find our new funding page here:

With Open Collective, any expense has to be approved by the team and everyone can see who spent how much and on what.

If you have been supporting us through Patreon, we have already sent you an email asking you to cancel your patronage there and continue (if you wish) in Open Collective.

If you are considering in supporting us, feel free to visit our OpenCollective page and support us!

A big thank you to our supporters, backers as well as users!!

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