French Book for Phalcon Released

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French Book for Phalcon Released

We are happy to announce the release of a French book about Phalcon, written by Jérémy PASTOURET - @jenovateurs


The book is written with a focus on Phalcon v3, but also includes upgrade instructions for v4.

The first chapters explain the structure of Phalcon, demonstrage how to install it (with Ubuntu/Windows and Docker) and create a project.

Following are chapters for each component of Phalcon:

  • Models (3 chapters),
  • Cache,
  • Sessions,
  • Logging,
  • ACL,
  • Volt

and more.

At the end of each chapter there are upgrade instructions from v3 to v4. The added functionality in v4 is also demonstrated.


This book is the most recent book regarding Phalcon. It is written in French so that is the primary audience. However, if there is interest for an English version, please contact the publishing house to record your interest and perhaps the publisher can consider releasing an English version.

It has been a struggle to convince the publisher to print a book about Phalcon. The conception is that there is only a small number of developers using Phalcon for now.

The hope is that this book will shine some light in the awesome Phalcon community, and raising awareness to developers that have not used it or are aware of.

If you know French Phalconers, please share the link!

Where can I buy it ?

You can find this book here:

Phalcon Book

Available for everyone

Jeremy (author) has created a GitHub project with all of the source code for each chapter. Even if you do not understand French, you will be able to inspect the structure and check out the implementations. The code is available in English. Finally, you will also find additional examples of functions and services implemented with Phalcon.

Article submitted by Jérémy PASTOURET @jenovateurs

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