Community Hangout and Update - 2020-09-06

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Community Hangout and Update - 2020-09-06

Join us this Sunday 6th September at 10:00 EST (14:00 UTC) for a community hangout and update.

New Blood


  • What happens with v4
  • Keep 4.0.x branch for bug fixes
  • 4.1.x branch with limited functionality added (no more NFRs)
  • Label issues to be fixed


  • phalcon/phalcon
  • Investigate Symfony/Yii/Laravel, investigate organization (repo) options for v5. Modules, sub-repositories etc.
  • Introduce benchmarks for every commit/release
  • How do we track things
    • New project for v5
    • Labels, issues etc.
  • Additional repos
    • Incubator
    • Devtools
    • Migrations
  • Find what will happen with Volt, PHQL Annotations compilers

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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<3 Phalcon Team

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