Community Hangout - 2019-03-30

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The time has come for our monthly hangout. Join us on Saturday the 30th of March 2019, at 12:00:00 EST, to talk about our progress, address concerns and find solutions to common problems.

We will hold this virtual meeting in a Google Hangout on Air, which will broadcast on YouTube

The format will be:

  • Introduction, welcome to all attendees
  • Thank you to the whole community and contributors
  • Status update since last hangout
  • Devtools
  • Translations
  • Announcing a new competition!!
  • Telegram channel

We will post another blog post with more information as we get closer to the hangout date.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you and seeing you during the hangout. We plan on having one hangout a month, to communicate with the community in a more friendly and direct way.

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