Code with me Series tonight

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Code with me Series tonight

Code with me hangout! Join us tonight at 17:30 EST (21:30 UTC)

In our previous blog post we encouraged everyone to contribute to open source projects (and of course Phalcon) now that we are all stuck inside due to the WuHan virus.

In an effort to help everyone with this potential transition, we announced that we will start Code with me hangouts to help developers that are interested in contributing to open source projects, but also to show how we code in Phalcon.

The hangout will be held on YouTube here:

In this first hangout we will just pick a bug report and try to fix it. The format will not be a strict one so we will be able to deviate based on questions or feedback by those that attend.

We will also hold additional hangouts, where we will try and create new applications that mostly match to what the community requests.

Stay safe and keep coding!

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