April Bugfest - The usual suspects

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Back in April, we announced the April Bugfest competition, The rules were simple: fix bugs, we will send you a t-shirt!

The competition was a big success. We got a good chunk of issues done and the contributions spanned throughout the whole organization: from the main repository, devotols, documents etc.

We were supposed to post the results of the competition a few months ago but wanted to wait a bit for contributors to receive their gifts and send us pictures.

The Usual Suspects

So without any more delays, here are The Usual Suspects - members of the community

@arhell Arhell

@dreamsxin Dreamsxin

Baby Dreamsxin - future Zephir coder

@niden and @mctekk



And finally, @jeckerson decided to send a picture of his significant other:

Thank you

A huge thank you to all that contributed. There were a few more contributors that opted not to send a picture.

We intend on having this competition every year so looking forward to our April Bugfest 2020

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