2020 Financial Update

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2020 Financial Update

As discussed in the past, we are posting financial updates for each year, so that the contributors know where their contributions go. This is the 2020 financial summary.

You can always check the status of our finances in our Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors pages at any time.


We have a good amount of funds available to us. Right now our account has 8,847.84 USD. As you can see in Open Collective we have been very frugal with the funds, and only used it for certain services or sponsoring certain activities.

In Detail

2020 has been an interesting year for most of us, with the lock downs, people losing their jobs etc. The focus shifted from Open Source code to our families mostly, to get through these times.

2020 was the first time members of the team received some funds as financial aid for their contributions. Each of the 4 core members at the time received 2,000 USD.

We have also invested a bit over $2,000.00 USD for Anton’s new computer, which will be used primarily in development as well as streaming/video producing. Our intention in 2021 is to increase our streams and videos to better help the community

For the information below, net income reflects the money that are available for the project, while collected reflects the money that has been paid by contributors. The difference is to cover the fees of Open Collective as well as Credit Card processors etc.

All amounts are in USD.



Net Collected
7,204.45 8,303.66


13,470.22 USD


Date Type USD Description
2020-01-03 Development 510.00 Applications upgrade
2020-01-16 Development 1000.00 Applications upgrade
2020-02-05 Development 400.00 Applications upgrade
2020-03-05 Development 480.00 Applications upgrade
2020-04-02 Development 802.00 Applications upgrade


Date Type USD Description
2020-04-23 Compensation 2000.00 Ruud
2020-04-23 Compensation 2000.00 Anton
2020-04-23 Compensation 2000.00 Nikos
2020-04-27 Compensation 475.00 Storage for Serghei
2020-05-07 Compensation 1643.00 Serghei


Date Type USD Description
2020-10-21 Services 110.22 Email Service
2020-12-07 Infrastructure 2050.00 Stream PC parts

Thank you

As always, a huge thank you to all of our contributors, financial or other. Your contributions help this project move forward!

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