2020-03-16 - Status Update and Stay Home

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2020-03-16 - Status Update and Stay Home

A quick status update, now that we are all pretty much staying home.

Most companies have either enacted or encouraged self quarantines and working from home policies, in an effort to reduce the chance of people getting infected with the WuHan virus (COVID-19).

For the Phalcon team, the companies that we work for have instructed all of us to work from home. We hope the same is with you, and the companies you work for.


Looking always to the bright side of things, this is a stellar opportunity for contributing to an open source project! It can be a good distraction, and offers the sense of achievement while we are all stuck at home :)

So you have sanitized your mouse and keyboard, finished work and are stuck inside. What to do now?


Zephir always needs love. If you are a C developer, you can find yourself in familiar ground with Zephir, and pick a bug or two to fix. Some might be more complex than others and there is always our Discord server, where you can discuss with us, get guidance and share ideas.

The current issue list can be found here: https://github.com/phalcon/zephir/issues.

Zephir IDEA Plugin

For those that are more familiar with Java and PHPStorm plugins, the Zephir IDEA Plugin is for you. We definitely need some help to make the plugin better and offer more functionality for those that contribute to Phalcon using PHPStorm.

The current issue list can be found here: https://github.com/zephir-lang/idea-plugin/issues.


Of course work continues for Phalcon. There are a good number of issues that need to be addressed for the next 4.0.x version, and for the upcoming 4.1.x. In order to set up your system to compile and work in Phalcon you can use nanobox. Instructions for the initial setup can be found here and the installers are here. Additional information on how to run the test suite is in our tests folder see README.

As always, if you have questions you can ask them in our Discord server.

Programming in Zephir for Phalcon is extremely similar to programming in PHP so the learning curve is very short. You can always pick something from the list of issues and give it a try!


Finally, the easiest way to contribute is to proofread our documentation and if you speak more than one language, to translate the documentation in your native tongue.

When proofreading our documentation you will need to check the docs repository, en folder (for English). You can issue a pull request there.

In order to translate documents, you will need to visit our project in Crowdin, join the project and then click the language you want to translate documents for and start translating. Your contributions will be temporarily held in a queue, until a proofreader can approve them and once that is done, they will end up in our official documentation!

Code with me

During this time, we will have frequent one-hour sessions on YouTube, where one of us will be coding for Phalcon, so that anyone who is interested can join and see how we do it or just join to say hi.

A schedule of the sessions will be posted shortly and will be out of office hours of course.

Stay safe and keep coding!

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