2019 Financial Update

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2019 Financial Update

Since we have been accepting financial contributions from our community, we would like to present a financial update, so as to showcase where those funds are used and why.

This is the first financial post we are presenting but we intend on making a habit of this and have a post for each year to keep the community and our financial contributors informed on where the project stands.

You can always check the status of our finances in our Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors pages at any time.


In short we have a good amount of funds available to us. We are also very stingy on where we spend it. As of today, our balance is 14,896.40 USD. The money is used primarily to sponsor development (Phalcon and Zephir) and purchase services that we need (for instance email service etc.). In the future we might consider sponsoring travel or conferences of core members, but that is not set yet.

In Detail

For the information below, net income reflects the money that are available for the project, while collected reflects the money that has been paid by contributors. The difference is to cover the fees of Open Collective as well as Credit Card processors etc.

All amounts are in USD.



Net Collected
892.53 1,035.00


Date Type USD Description
2017-03-10 Software 142.62 VMWare Fusion License for Phalcon Box



Net Collected
8,692.58 10,171.00


Date Type USD Description
2018-05-06 Design 262.50 Theme/Logo Design for Forum
2018-05-21 Design 315.00 Fiverr - Convert PSD design to HTML/JS



Net Collected
4,530.15 5.360.56



Date Type USD Description
2019-12-05 Development 350.00 Rector and v4
2019-12-12 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-12-05 Development 485.00 DevTools, Migrations
2019-11-13 Development 352.00 DevTools
2019-11-07 Development 100.00 Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-11-01 Development 92.00 DevTools
2019-10-24 Development 424.00 DevTools
2019-10-10 Development 40.00 REST API
2019-09-26 Development 120.00 Vokuro v4
2019-09-12 Development 150.00 Vokuro v4
2019-09-05 Development 200.00 Vokuro v4
2019-08-27 Development 165.00 Vokuro v4
2019-08-22 Development 25.00 Vokuro v4
2019-08-02 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-07-05 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-06-14 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-05-09 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-03-28 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work
2019-02-28 Development 100.00 Zephir Bug fixes/Feature work


Date Type USD Description
2019-08-22 Web services 93.00 Email for phalcon/zephir
2019-08-22 Web services 200.00 Phalcon.io
2019-08-22 Web services 89.00 PHPStorm License
2019-05-19 Competition 307.85 April Bugfest T-shirts
2019-01-31 Web services 600.00 Comment service in documents and blog

Thank you

As always, a huge thank you to all of our contributors, financial or other. Your contributions help this project move forward!

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