2019 April Bugfest - Update

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Since we announced our April Bugfest competition, we are happy to see that we have seen a great number of Pull Requests, for our v4 release!!

So far we had around 20 pull requests towards various components of the framework, and we are only on the first week of the competition!! The breakdown so far is as follows:

  • Framework enhancements
  • Performance - mostly micro optimizations
  • API documentation (docblocks)
  • Tightening interfaces
  • Documentation
  • Devtools

Keep up the good work community!!!

For those that missed it, during April 2019, anyone can contribute to our repositories. You can visit our cphalcon repository, start working on a bug or a feature and once done, submit a pull request with your code. You can also visit our documentation repository to help with the documentation, devtools or incubator or if you prefer to help with the translating the Phalcon documentation in your native tongue by visiting our project in Crowdin.

Everyone that helps us during April Bugfest, will receive a T-Shirt and some stickers as a thank you from the team!

Thank you to all that have contributed so far!! If you have any questions, feel free to visit us on our Discord server.

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